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By Evan Davis
Evan Davis
'A Malcolm Gladwell-style social psychology/behavioural economics primer' Evening StandardLow-level dishonesty is rife everywhere, in the form of exaggeration, selective use of facts, economy with the truth, careful drafting - from Trump and the Brexit debate to companies that tell us 'your call is important to us'. How did we get to a place where bullshit is not just rife but apparently so effective that it's become the communications strategy of our times? This brilliantly insightful book steps inside the panoply of deception employed in all walks of life and assesses how it has come to this. It sets out the surprising logic which explains why bullshit is both pervasive and persistent. Why are company annual reports often nonsense? Why should you not trust estate agents? And above all, why has political campaigning become the art of stretching the truth? Drawing on behavioural science, economics, psychology and of course his knowledge of the media, Evan ends by providing readers with a tool-kit to handle the kinds of deceptions we encounter every day, and charts a route through the muddy waters of the post-truth age.
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The Path To Freedom

By The Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama
FREEDOM IN EXILE - Here, in his own words, The Dalai Lama describes what it was like to grow up revered as a deity among his people, reveals his innermost feelings about his role, and discusses the mysteries of Tibetan Buddhism. He tells of secret deals struck with the CIA as Tibet continued to struggle for independence, talks freely of the many world leaders he has known, and talks of the West's malaise from his standpoint as a spirtual and temporal figure of world reknown.ANCIENT WISDOM, MODERN WORLD - With wit, gentle good sense and with penetrating insight, the Dalai Lama shows how the truths that have stood the test of generations of practise can provide us with the tools to live happy, fulfilled and meaningful lives. In the process, it becomes apparent that he does not merely espouse the 'feelgood' religiosity some accuse him of. The reader is left admiring not just the wisdom of the author, but the wisdom of the culture he represents. In ANCIENT WISDOM, MODERN WORLD, His Holiness the Dalai Lama addresses these issues, in a spiritual complement to his autobiography FREEDOM IN EXILE.

People Like Us

By Charles Jennings
Charles Jennings
Royal Ascot, Henley Regatta, polo at Cowdray Park, public schools, pheasant shooting - it's a wonderful life, being a member of the English aristocracy. But what is it like to live this wonderful life? And what does it feel like to be a regulation-issue, middle-class person, thrust into the centre of this mob and forced to survive? This is the position in which Charles Jennings found himself, in PEOPLE LIKE US: the suburban outsider trying to make sense of the closed, privileged, self-indulgent world of being born and raised to another way of life. From the great social functions of the Season, to private parties in Kensington, to almost anything to do with horses, PEOPLE LIKE US is fascinating, appalling, argumentative, mocking, envious and wickedly funny. You could call it invitation-only anthropology....