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    • ISBN:9781472137593
    • Publication date:15 Mar 2017
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    • Publication date:02 May 2019

Where am I Going and Can I Have a Map?

How to take control of your career plan – and make it happen

By Jonathan Black

  • Paperback
  • £12.99

Learn how to make a career plan that suits you and take action to make it happen.

'We will certainly be recommending the book to all our parents. It's quite simply the best available' - George Fussey, Head of Career Education, Eton College

'One of the most practical and comprehensible career guides ever produced' - Baroness Gillian Shephard

From the Financial Times careers adviser, this book of wisdom will help you feel more empowered about your career. You can read it from beginning to end, or dive into specific sections for immediate advice on, for example, writing your CV.

There are three sections:

Stepping Back - What's this all about?

The bigger issues that frame the whole area of your career and jobs; looking down on your career map from 10,000 feet. Practicalities - What do I do on Monday Morning?

CVs, applications, interviews and all the other details on your map. Along the Way - Or, How do I Keep Going?
How to cope with the hurdles and challenges that you might encounter while you're travelling along your route It includes an extensive set of real examples to bring it all alive, and is grounded with helpful statistics and sociological research.

'Indispensable, inviting and engaging' - Prof Dame Carol Black, DBE, FRCP, FMedSci

'A book about how to lead a happy life' - James Hodgson, Bedford School

'A uniquely powerful guidebook' - Mark Byford, Egon Zehnder

'The definitive careers guide' - David Palfreyman, OBE

'Wise, calming and pragmatic' - Emma Jacobs, FT

'A true career design compendium' - Caroline Konrad, Ryerson University

'Winningly combines anecdotes, surveys and years of professional experience' - Dr Tim Hands, Winchester School

'Elegant, light and humorous style' - Prof Dame Carol Black, DBE, FRCP, FMedSci

'From an expert at the top of his game' - David Palfreyman, OBE

Biographical Notes

Author Jonathan Black has been Director of the Careers Service at the University of Oxford for the last eight years. Before that, he's had a number of different jobs including: management consultant, professional publisher, co-founder of a start-up company, finance director, aerospace engineer, computer salesman, and strategy director. He has worked in the UK, Europe and the USA, in small businesses and large corporations, private and public sector. In his day job, he works one-to-one with students, presents at international conferences, on the radio and TV, and comes up with new ideas and programmes to help students in schools, university and beyond, to improve their career prospects.

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  • ISBN: 9781472137586
  • Publication date: 15 Mar 2017
  • Page count: 176
  • Imprint: Robinson
We will certainly be recommending the book to all our parents. It's quite simply the best available. — George Fussey, Head of Career Education, Eton College
For students spending £27k-£36k on their degrees, a further £12.99 on this book is a certain step towards getting a better return on that massive investment. — David Palfreyman, Director, Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies
Winningly combines undergraduate anecdotes, professional surveys, and years of top level professional experience, providing as a consequence an indispensable and totally authoritative source of wisdom to students, teachers and parents alike. — Dr Tim Hands, Headmaster, Winchester College
From an expert at the top of his game . . . the definitive careers guide for a stressed generation of high-fees debt-laden graduates understandably far more concerned about employment than ever before. Grounded in theory, he provides a wealth of practical advice. — David Palfreyman, OBE FRSA, Director, Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies

This is not just a book about careers; it is a book about how to lead a happy life.
Both as a philosophy for career planning and as a last minute crib for interviews, this book is invaluable for all those setting out upon the next step. It is a treasure trove of common sense and experience, underpinned by the wisdom of a life well-trodden.

— James Hodgson, Headmaster, Bedford School
A guide for people of all ages as they prepare, often hesitantly, to take an unfamiliar path. Better than a map, this book shows by captivating example how we can shape our own lives and careers. — Professor Dame Carol Black DBE FRCP FMedSci, Principal, Newnham College, Cambridge.
This must be one of the most practical and comprehensible career guides ever produced. It is also extremely reassuring for the reader, who needs to understand that there is a mass of help and advice to hand, and that in a rapidly changing world, a career choice is not necessarily for ever. It is packed with useful practical advice on how to consider your personal options, how to construct a CV, how to prepare for an interview - pointing out that a thorough knowledge of your own CV is essential! - and how to approach the tricky issue of salary negotiation, among many other invaluable tips. — Baroness Gillian Shephard of Northwold, Secretary of State for Education and Employment, 1994-97
This is not yet another book on cv writing, job interviews and salary negotiations... Where Am I Going and Can I Have a Map offers a fresh approach to personalised career development in a personal tone of voice. Under headings like "not a life sentence", "passing the two second test" and "trial by sherry" the author shares original "words of wisdom" from his rich experience and engages (prospective) professionals in an aerial view on career exploration. — Wijnand Aalderink, director Career Services and Corporate Relations, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
I wish I had had this book when I was leaving university, worrying that my friends' paths were the right ones. The book tackles the anxiety and indecision head-on. Black is a wise, calming and pragmatic advisor to those climbing the first rungs of the career ladder. — Emma Jacobs, Financial Times
A true career design compendium for the 21st century graduate. The author's extensive global experience, combined with his role leading one of higher education's most innovative Career Centres, is now available for all to benefit from. Realistic in its approach, this indispensable guide addresses and empathetically tackles the sensitive issues confronting students, such as family pressure to pursue a particular path. Acknowledging the competing demands of student life - both academic and co-curricular, the rich guidance provided is complemented by pragmatic exercises to assist the reader with converting goals to action. — Caroline Konrad, Director, Ryerson University Career Centre, Toronto, Canada
Jonathan Black has written a uniquely powerful guidebook for those taking the first steps in their career journey. He provides a rare combination of really current knowledge of the detailed practical steps that are needed, with the clarity of perspective and judgement garnered from many years working in careers advice and related research. The result is a manifesto for action, helping the reader quickly orient themselves towards a path that reflects their individual goals and skills, while accessing the experience of many others about how best to progress along it. — Mark Byford, Senior Partner, Egon Zehnder London
Reading it is like having a really good conversation with someone who knows you well who is able to challenge your limiting assumptions and get you to rethink some rather useless cliches. I thoroughly recommend the book not just for undergraduates or recent graduates but for their advisers and tutors. — Cathy O’Neill, Head of Careers and Coordinator of Lifelong Learning, Oxford High School GDST

Not only full of indispensable guidance, this book is also a joy to read. This is witty, encouraging and intelligent with some great stories and superb insights.

— Dr Helen Emmott, Head of Talent, The Whitehall & Industry Group
From giving students an insider's perspective on employer's recruitment strategies to helping them build up a communications tool kit for answering questions in interviews, Jonathan's straightforward, common sense approach takes the fear out of thinking about your career. — Natascia Phillips, i/c Pupil Development and The Student Consultancy, Berkhamsted School
The book is a highly readable and accessible approach to career planning and action - aimed at 16 to 30 year olds. — Oxford Times
This is a must-read book for anyone standing (or about to stand) at a careers-crossroad in life - or those charged with (or interested in) guiding them. ... If you're about to leave school, college or university, get a copy before you do much else. It might just help you onto the right track. — Michael Bond, Vice-Principal Education, Berkhamsted Schools Group

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David Pearson

Dr David Pearson is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with a career in the NHS, both as a clinician and manager of services. Together with Dr Fiona Kennedy he has co-edited Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to the Understanding and Treatment of Dissociation (Routledge 2013). David has also co-authored The Dream Mentoring Manuals, which form a training scheme in mental health by demystifying technical/clinical terms into everyday language. David has also published in a wide range of peer reviewed scientific journals as well as articles in mental health/psychology professional magazines. On a personal level David has found the production of The Dream Mentoring Manuals a great challenge as they provide the basis of available training schemes designed to work with children who are disadvantaged and often on the edges of survival.

Fiona Kennedy

Dr Fiona Kennedy is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and MD of GreenWood Mentors Ltd. She has a background in the NHS providing and managing clinical psychology and counselling services. She has research interests in the consequences for adults of childhood adversity, including dissociation. She has published a variety of peer reviewed papers, book chapters and recently co-edited Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to the Understanding and Treatment of Dissociation (Routledge 2013). Along with Dr David Pearson she authored The Dream Mentoring Manual in 2011 and The Dream Mentoring Trainer's Manual in 2012, published in India by Dream a Dream NGO and used to support their life skills training programs for disadvantaged young people. She trains and supervises others as well as providing therapy using CBT, DBT and ACT. She is most interested in having a life worth living and enabling others to have the same.

Gillian Butler

GILLIAN BUTLER is a retired consultant clinical psychologist and Fellow of the British Psychological Society, who used to practise in the Oxfordshire Mental Healthcare Trust.

Harry Lorayne

Harry Lorayne is the world's foremost memory-training specialist and the author of The Memory Book, a New York Times bestseller for 46 weeks. His other books include Super Memory, Super Student; Remembering People, Memory Makes Money, and Harry Lorayne's Page-a-Minute Memory Book. He has appeared on national television many times, including 40 appearances on The Tonight Show, and has made hundreds of personal appearances, teaching seminars at major corporations, schools, and other organizations. His instructional 'Memory Power Package' of DVDs has sold thousands of copies on TV and the Internet. He lives in New York City.

Janina Scarlet

Dr. Janina Scarlet is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist at the Center for Stress and Anxiety Management and a scientist at Alliant International University. She is experienced in using ACT to treat anxiety, depression, and trauma. In addition, she has contributed chapters to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Star Wars Psychology, Star Trek Psychology, The Walking Dead Psychology and Game of Thrones Psychology.

Jason Freeman

Jason Freeman is an experienced writer and editor.

Jim White

Jim White is an internationally-recognised expert in CBT and common mental health problems. He devised the large-class Stress Control approach over twenty years ago as an attempt to efficiently improve outcomes for individuals. The class has now become widely available across the world. Jim has presented at many national and international conferences and events and acted as a National Advisor to the Scottish Government. He has published over 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals and has written two influential books on stress management - Stress Pac, Harcourt Brace, 1997; and Treating Anxiety and Stress, Wiley, 2000. He co-edited The Oxford Guide to Low-intensity CBT Interventions, Oxford University Press, 2010 and contributed four chapters. He worked for over thirty years as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with the NHS and was the originator of the highly innovative and successful 'Glasgow Steps' approach to common mental health problems. He is now a Director of Stress Control Ltd.

John Marzillier

John Marzillier has extensive experience as a clinical psychologist and has worked at the Institute of Psychiatry and the University of Oxford, as well as acting as 'Force Psychologist' for Thames Valley Police Force. His previous book, The Gossamer Thread: My Life as a Psychotherapist was short-listed for the MIND Book of the Year, 2011.

Jonathan Black

Author Jonathan Black has been Director of the Careers Service at the University of Oxford for the last eight years. Before that, he's had a number of different jobs including: management consultant, professional publisher, co-founder of a start-up company, finance director, aerospace engineer, computer salesman, and strategy director. He has worked in the UK, Europe and the USA, in small businesses and large corporations, private and public sector. In his day job, he works one-to-one with students, presents at international conferences, on the radio and TV, and comes up with new ideas and programmes to help students in schools, university and beyond, to improve their career prospects.

Kevin Meares

Dr Kevin Meares is a clinical psychologist and cognitive therapist with nine years of clinical experience. He works at the Newcastle Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies Centre.Professor Mark Freeston is Director of Research and Training at the Newcastle Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies Centre, and holds honorary chairs of Clinical Psychology at the universities of Durham and Newcastle.Overcoming Worry is their first book.Kevin Meares is coauthor of Overcoming Worry, he is a consultant clinical psychologist and a cognitive-behavioural therapist. He works for the NHS at the Newcastle Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy Centre offering therapy to adults with a range of psychological problems, specialising in anxiety disorders. He supervises trainee clinical psychologists and cognitive therapists. He is an experienced trainer, regularly leading workshops on CBT. His research interests focus on rumination and worry and he has a particular interest in post-traumatic stress disorder.

Marcantonio Spada

Marcantonio Spada is Professor of Psychology and Head of the Division of Psychology at London South Bank University. An expert in cognitive behavioural therapy for alcohol misuse, he has worked as a clinician for the last twenty years and is the author of over 100 scientific articles, two books and several book chapters in the field of addictive behaviours. Marcantonio is a chartered psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and an accredited cognitive behavioural therapy practitioner with the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies.

Marie Chellingsworth

Marie Chellingsworth is Executive Director of CBT Programmes at the University of East Anglia. Prior to this, she was Director of training programmes for Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs) and undergraduate Applied Psychology students at the universities of Nottingham and Exeter. She has worked at national level within the Department of Health, BABCP and BPS committees and Chairs the national IAPT conferences and National Networking Forum for Low Intensity Workers/PWPs.