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Roger Corder

Roger Corder is Professor of Experimental Therapeutics in the William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University London. In 2002 he won the Geoffrey Roberts Award, a travel bursary that enabled him to study wine in Sardinia where there are three times as many centenarians as elsewhere in Western Europe. Roger is the author of The Wine Diet, a complete nutritional lifestyle bible with the very latest ground-breaking research from an internationally renowned scientist and his team.
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The Wine Diet

Roger Corder
Roger Corder

Wine drinkers are generally healthier and often live longer. They have less heart disease and diabetes, and are less likely to suffer from dementia in old age. Is this the wine, their diet or their lifestyle?THE WINE DIET is a complete nutritional lifestyle and contains the very latest groundbreaking research from an internationally renowned scientist and his team.* Proved at last: drinking red wine really is good for you.* Identified! The antioxidant that unlocks the real secret of the French Paradox.* As well as wine you can get the same benefits from a variety of delicious foodstuffs, including chocolate.* Lose weight - and keep it off - as a result of straightforward lifestyle adjustments.* Enjoy 40 delicious new recipes and benefit from the author's practical cooking tips and eating plans.