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Joanna Crosse

Joanna Crosse is an internationally recognised voice trainer and experienced network broadcaster. She is a professional voiceover artist, and works as the voice and presentation coach for the ITV news network and trains for the BBC, GMTV and Channel 4.
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Find Your Voice

Joanna Crosse
Joanna Crosse

Your voice is completely unique, and the way you use it says so much about you. But not all of us know how to use it to our advantage when it matters most. Whether you want to sell yourself better in interviews, sound more confident at company presentations, or stand up for yourself and be more assertive, FIND YOUR VOICE can help. Experienced voice coach Joanna Crosse will help you to convey the message you want to and use your voice to its full potential. You will discover:* How to make the most of your voice* The importance of identifying your audience and targeting your message* Why listening to what others have to say is as important as what you have to say* How to be assertive and communicate clearlyPacked with real-life stories, practical exercises and insightful advice, FIND YOUR VOICE will help you to transform your voice on every level, personal and professional.