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Max Brenner

Max Brenner is a confectioner, businessman, and above all, a passionate lover of chocolate. He began his career as an apprentice throughout Europe, where he worked in the best kitchens alongside renowned pastry chefs.
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Chocolate: A Love Story

Max Brenner
Max Brenner

Chocolate by the Bald Man is an imaginative chocolate franchise with over 20 locations in five countries. The restaurants offer playfully named confections like the s'more-inspired Chocolate Pizza - alongside traditional main courses. The atmosphere - a Wonka-like, family friendly space that boasts gigantic vats of churning chocolate - also serves as a main attraction for its diverse clientele of tourists, locals and the occasional celebrity. CHOCOLATE: A LOVE STORY is a colorful cookbook that captures the joy and energy of the restaurants with over 50 original recipes for the restaurant's most popular chocolate treats. The book is narrated in the quirky, captivating voice of the restaurant's semi-fictional "Bald Man," Max Brenner" and bold illustrations mirror the restaurant's decor and menu design. Full-colour photos accompany the easy-to-follow recipes. An eye-catching celebration of the franchise's chocolate culture, CHOCOLATE: A LOVE STORY will tempt Max Brenner fans and win new devotees.