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Betsy Carter

The daughter of German immigrants, Betsy Carter is the author of the novels Swim to Me, The Orange Blossom Special, and The Puzzle King, as well as her bestselling memoir, Nothing to Fall Back On. She is also the creator and editor of New York Woman Magazine, and has worked at many other magazines, including Newsweek, Harper's Bazaar and Esquire.
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We Were Strangers Once

Betsy Carter
Betsy Carter

On the eve of World War II, one German Jewish family is forced to emigrate and face a new future in America, one fraught with degradations big and small, which each person suffers and conquers in a unique way. Egon Schneider, a thriving ophthalmologist and ladies' man in Frankfurt, is reduced to being "The Cheese Man" at a local grocery in Washington Heights; Catrina Harty, a vivacious daughter of dirt-poor Irish immigrants, has fought her way to a comfortable if unhappy spinsterhood; and Meyer Leavitt, Egon's terminally acerbic best friend, is a former children's book author turned sandwich-board salesman turned newspaper columnist. Together they suffer the wonders and indignities of this strange new world--and each other--in the hopes of creating a permanent home for "The Lucky Ones."