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Tracey Thorn was one half of internationally successful group Everything But the Girl and collaborated with Paul Weller, Massive Attack and dance legend Todd Terry. Her memoir Bedsit Disco Queen is the superb story of her 30 year pop career. Tracey has picked five videos that span this illustrious career from the all-girl band Marine Girls to Everything But the Girl and finally to her work as a solo artist. Here she treats us to some rather marvellous ‘behind-the-scenes’ facts…

Marine Girls - A Place In The Sun

The video was filmed in Brighton. I see that my hair looks quite BIG here and this is because although the rest of the band went down to Brighton on the train, I got a lift in the director's open top sports car. Ahem.

Fun Fact no 1 : This is the only time in my life I have been on a fairground ride as scary as that one. I look terrified and angry with the director because, frankly, I am.

Fun Fact no 2 : The boy in the video is our friend Tim, who played saxophone with us occasionally, although not on this song, so why he's in the video, God only knows.

Everything But The Girl - Each and Every One

I'm dancing like a young Boy George in this video, which is sweet. You'll notice I don't look at the camera once. I think my theory here is that if I can't see IT, it can't see ME, and hopefully it might go away.

Everything But The Girl - The Only Living Boy in New York

The silent lip sync video. Singing without singing. Directed by Hal Hartley. The extras in this look AMAZING, they are my favourites.

Everything But The Girl - Missing

We'd both lost a lot of weight, Ben because he'd been seriously ill, me because I'd been seriously anxious. It makes the video a bit hard to watch now, I think. And yet it's the video for our biggest ever hit single. Seriously unglamorous, it must shock a lot of people when they see it for the first time.

Tracey Thorn - It's All True

This was the first video I'd made in seven years, so it was quite a big deal.
I'm singing the song but I'm too far away for you to be able to see. In retrospect, I think it would be better if I was doing the dance routine along with everyone. Yes, it would have taken me a year to learn it, which would have delayed release, but still.


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Marine Girls

A Place in the Sun

Everything But the Girl

Each and Every One

Everything But the Girl

The Only Living Boy in New York

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