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Monday 3 February 2014

Little, Brown Book Group Acquires Constable & Robinson

Ursula Mackenzie CEO of Little, Brown and Nova Jayne Robinson, Chairman of Constable & Robinson are delighted to announce that, with immediate effect, Constable & Robinson will join Little, Brown Book Group.

An exclusive extract

The Red Book

The Red Book is the name of the annual yearbook produced by Harvard University that helps keep alumni abreast of their former classmates achievements. Deborah Kogan's highly acclaimed new novel is the story of four such Harvard students and friends, who's lives have taken very different paths in the twenty years since graduating in 1989, and who are brought together once more over the course of a turbulent reunion weekend.

by Mark Billingham

Rush Of Blood: An Extract

Read the first chapter of best-selling Mark Billingham's thrilling new novel 'Rush of Blood'.

Helena S. Paige


When three friends, Sarah, Helen and Paige, went for a long lunch one Saturday in November, none of us had any idea it would change our lives for ever. Sarah Lotz is an internationally published author of a number of novels and collaborations, Helen Moffett is a world-class editor, poet and feminist academic, and Paige Nick is an author, Sunday Times columnist and advertising copywriter. Over a few glasses of something or other, we started chatting about how nice it would be to collaborate on a project. When Sarah mentioned an idea she’d had for a choose-your-own-adventure erotic novel, patterned on those books we used to read as kids, it blew our minds. We plotted out the series together over lunch, half-joking, half-serious. The first novel would be called A Girl Walks into a Bar, and the hook is that you – the reader – would be a girl out for a night on the town, who gets stood up at the last minute by your best friend. Then over the course of the evening, the reader would meet a series of strangers: from a sexy rock star to a rich older businessman, or even a hot new neighbour. And you would get to choose who you want to have naughty, sexy times with. By the time Paige got home that evening (it was a long lunch), the first chapter was fully formed in her mind. So she wrote it and sent it off to Sarah and Helen the next day. Then Helen wrote a sexy second scene, and the rest is some very sexy history. When Sarah told her literary agent in London the idea over the phone, there was a long silence before he said, ‘I don’t know if this idea is genius or insanity.’ So we sent off the first ten thousand words of A Girl Walks into a Bar, a synopsis, and ideas for another two books in the series just before Christmas. And it was January when things really started to go crazy, with a series of international bidding wars, and publishing deals in nineteen countries, including the UK and USA, and translations as far afield as Iceland, Hungary and Taiwan. A Girl Walks into a Bar launches globally as an eBook on 15 July, and as a paperback in November 2013. It will be followed by A Girl Walks into a Wedding, which also launches as an eBook in November, and the third Girl book, launching early 2014.


Big Bears

Read an extract from The Collector of Lost Things by Jeremy Page

Our ethical and social committments

How we gave back in 2013

Read on to find out more about our staff initiatives and charitable commitments in 2013.

How we gave back in 2013

Our ethical and social commitments

Read on to find out more about our staff initiatives and charitable commitments in 2013.

by Robert Galbraith

The Cuckoo's Calling

Little, Brown Book Group confirm that Robert Galbraith is a pseudonym for J.K. Rowling, as reported in yesterday's Sunday Times. The book was published by Little, Brown's Sphere imprint on 18th April, 2013.

Two new novels for Corsair

Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, to publish new novel

Two new Jennifer Egan titles to Little, Brown

by Valerie Martin

Property - Introduction

Valerie Martin introduces her book' 'Porperty': the book that dared to tell a different story.

The start of a magnificent new trilogy

An Extract from The Summer Queen

Overflowing with scandal, sex, triumph and tragedy. Read the first chapter of The Summer Queen, the gripping new novel from New York Times Bestseller, Elizabeth Chadwick.

LBKids to publish 5 new titles

Frankie's Magic Football

Little, Brown Book Group is delighted to announce the acquisition of five more titles in Frank Lampard's Frankie's Magic Football series.

Little, Brown Book Group

Partnership with Prospect

Little, Brown is pleased to announce an ongoing partnership with Prospect magazine, the highly-influential current affairs journal which brings together the sharpest minds on the events and ideas that define the modern world.

Manhattan Beach to publish on October 3rd, 2017

Corsair to publish the new Jennifer Egan novel

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Are you Epic, Interplanetary, or Underworld?

Which Daniel Abraham book is best for you?

Whether it's writing urban fantasy as M. L. N. Hanover, epic fantasy under his 'real' name, or space opera as one half of James S. A. Corey (the 'James' part, apparently), there's no doubt that Daniel Abraham is a man of many talents - and many guises. This invariably leads to two questions: why the various names, and where should you begin your Daniel Abraham experience?