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Formally a monk for seven years within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, CHODEN completed a three year, three month retreat in 1997 and has been a practicing Buddhist since 1985. Born as Sean McGovern, he is originally from South Africa where he trained as a lawyer and learned meditation under the guidance of Rob Nairn, an internationally renowned Buddhist teacher.Choden is now involved in developing secular mindfulness and compassion programmes drawing upon the wisdom and methods of the Buddhist tradition, as well as contemporary insights from psychology and neuroscience. He is an honorary fellow of the University of Aberdeen and teaches on their Postgraduate Study Programme in Mindfulness (MSc) that is the first of its kind to include compassion in its curriculum. He lives on the Isle of Arran.

Stephen Mitchell

Jon Farry is a father of four (twins included) and is a nurse and qualified midwife, so is excellently qualified to co-author a book about pregnancy for men. His interestsinclude bird-watching and garage table tennis. Steve Mitchell has a background in graphic design, publishing and education. He is also a father.

Steve Lowe

Steve Lowe and Alan McArthur are the authors of IS IT JUST ME OR IS EVERYTHING SHIT? Volumes 1 and 2. Steve Lowe lives in Brighton and Alan McArthur lives in London. This is their third book.

Steven Bach

Steven Bach is the author of MARLENE DIETRICH and DAZZLER: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MOSS HART, and the best-selling memoir FINAL CUT. He was in charge of worldwide production for United Artists and now teaches at Bennington College and Columbia University.

Steven Silbiger

Steven Silbiger, MBA, CPA, is a senior director of marketing at HCTV, Inc., with a gift for communicating sophisticated financial and business issues in the clearest manner possible. A graduate of the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia, Silbiger lives in Philadelphia with his family.

Stuart Lindenfield

Gael Lindenfield is one of the world's acknowledged experts on confidence and self help, regularly quoted in the media. Stuart Lindenfield works for the world's largest career management consultancy. He is a presenter, speaker and recognized authority on networking.

Susan Crandall

Susan Crandall makes her home in Noblesville, Indiana. This is her eighth novel.

Susan Froderberg

Susan Froderberg was born in Washington State and spent seven years, starting in high school, in Arizona. She worked for several years as a critical care nurse in Seattle before moving East to study medical ethics and philosophy at Columbia University, where she received her PhD in philosophy. She currently lives with her husband in New York City.