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This Child of Ours

Sadie Pearse
Sadie Pearse

Why people love This Child of Ours... 'Excellent... An important and moving story'CLARE MACKINTOSH***** 'This book broke my heart and gently pieced it back together'CATHY BRAMLEY***** 'Thought-provoking, moving and incredibly insightful' AMANDA BROOKEIf you've been watching and enjoying Butterfly on ITV then this book is perfect for you. ---------------------You know what's best for your child. Don't you? Riley Pieterson is an adventurous girl with lots of questions. There's plenty she doesn't know yet; what a human brain looks like. All the constellations in the night sky. Why others can't see her the way she sees herself. When Riley confides in her parents - Sally and Theo - that she feels uncomfortable in her own skin, a chain of events begins that changes their lives forever. Sally wants to support her daughter by helping her be who she dreams of being. Theo resists; he thinks Riley is a seven-year-old child pushing boundaries. Both believe theirs is the only way to protect Riley and keep her safe. With the wellbeing of their child at stake, Sally and Theo's relationship is pushed to breaking point. To save their family, each of them must look deeply at who they really are. A story of a marriage in crisis and a child caught in the middle, this is a beautiful novel of parents and their children, and how far we're prepared to go in the name of love. Perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult, Laurie Frankel, Kate Hewitt and Jill Childs.WHAT AUTHORS AND READERS ARE SAYING:'I absolutely loved this book' 5* NETGALLEY 'A truly sensitive and involving novel about gender, identity and family' KEITH STUART'A fantastic read with a sensitive subject at its heart' 5* NETGALLEY 'Absolutely beautiful' RACHEL BURTON 'Thought-provoking, nerve-wracking and poignantly relevant' 5* NETGALLEY

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Three times the winner of the Publisher of the Year Award, most recently in 2010 at the Bookseller Industry Awards, Little, Brown Book Group has a proven history of success, and a track record for delivering bestsellers across the full range of our publishing.

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The people who work at Little, Brown reflect the diversity of life in the UK and of the books we publish. As well as loving the titles on our list and giving their all to their various jobs, many belong to the groups and committees that have grown up in response to demand. We have a Diversity committee; an ethical group that looks at book production and office practice in terms of the environment; a group of volunteers who help with reading in local schools and mentor young people. If you are interested in joining Little, Brown, please check back often to view the job vacancies on this page of this website. When recruiting, we look for the top people in every field, from a wide range of social and ethnic backgrounds, and with the greatest level of talent, passion and commitment for publishing.

Environmental and Ethical Policies

Here at the Little Brown Book group we're committed to working with environmental organisations to ensure that our policies and practices not only protect the environment but also improve it wherever practical. Our policy is part of a broader range of social responsibility policies that include a focus on working conditions at our head office, a responsible attitude to our suppliers, equal opportunities and charitable giving.


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How we gave back in 2013

Our ethical and social commitments

Read on to find out more about our staff initiatives and charitable commitments in 2013.