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Susannah Lawson is a nutritional therapist, and the co-author of OPTIMUM NUTRITION BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER PREGNANCY with Patrick Holford.
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Optimum Nutrition Made Easy

Patrick Holford, Susannah Campos, Susannah Lawson
Patrick Holford, Susannah Campos, Susannah Lawson

Optimum nutrition is a revolution in health care. It means giving yourself the best possible intake of nutrients to allow your body to be as healthy as it possibly can. In the bestselling NEW OPTIMUM NUTRITION BIBLE Patrick Holford revealed precisely how to achieve optimum nutrition. In OPTIMUM NUTRITION MADE EASY, Patrick Holford explains the basics of optimum nutrition, including what to eat, what to avoid, information on supplements and superfoods, useful questionnaires, advice on meal planning, and delicious recipes. With an A-Z of common ailments and their optimum nutrition remedies, and a comprehensive nutrition fact file, OPTIMUM NUTRTION MADE EASY will help you determine what your body is telling you and develop a personalised nutrition programme.