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THE SILENT ONES, by William Brodrick



THE SILENT ONES is the latest Father Anselm novel from William Brodrick and sees Anselm investigating abuse within the Church.

It begins with a young boy, Harry Brandwell, returning angry and upset from a visit to Father Edmund Littlemore. Harry refuses to discuss what happened and soon stops talking to everyone except Fraser, the family’s gardener. Father Littlemore is called in for questioning. He vanishes.

Several months later, Father Anselm receives a mysterious visitor who tells him that he must track down Littlemore and, more importantly, find out exactly why it was that Littlemore vanished in the first place.

Anselm is set on the trail of a much larger case of abuse inside the Church. Littlemore is just the beginning and if Anselm can pull at the right threads he will be able to discover the story of The Silent Ones.

The story is a beautifully intricate one and up to Brodrick’s usual high standards. Without ever needing to become graphic, Brodrick manages to portray a young boy and his family destroyed by abuse and the reader sees how the abuse effects each member of the family differently and for different reasons.

THE SILENT ONES is a fantastic novel that will have readers guessing right until the end – even when it seems everything is out in the open. It handles a sensitive subject extremely well and will make readers think what they would have done in the same situation.













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