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Four-time winner of the Publisher of the Year award, most recently at the 2014 Bookseller Industry Awards, Little, Brown Book Group is one of the most successful and dynamic publishers in the UK. Across our fourteen imprints, we publish as wide a range of titles as anyone in the industry, and pride ourselves on the quality, variety and diversity of our publishing output.

Our team of over 150 people is based in the offices of our parent company, Hachette UK, on the banks of the river Thames in London’s Blackfriars – an area steeped in centuries of publishing history, just yards from the famous Fleet Street. Our own company history is long and distinguished: Little, Brown was founded by Charles Little and James Brown in Boston in 1837 and was bought by Time Inc. in 1968. Little, Brown USA bought what became Little, Brown Book Group UK in 1992, and the company was acquired by its current owners, Hachette UK, in 2006. L,BBG itself acquired the successful independent publishers Piatkus (in 2007) and Constable & Robinson (in 2014).

Little, Brown Book Group’s fourteen imprints have a market-leading presence in almost every area of the industry. On our Little, Brown, Abacus, Virago, Corsair, Fleet and Blackfriars imprints we publish literature of the highest standard, from prize-winning fiction to agenda-setting non-fiction and a range of prestigious classics. On our commercial imprint, Sphere, we publish some of the world’s biggest brand-name novelists and an array of bestselling non-fiction. Our Atom and Orbit imprints lead the field in young adult and science fiction/fantasy publishing respectively, and our Piatkus Constable Robinson (PCR) division publishes the very best in genre fiction and a rich seam of subject-specific inspirational and instructional non-fiction. Meanwhile, our fast-growing Hachette Audio list is at the forefront of audio publishing, and our newest imprint, Dialogue Books, is an inclusive home for writers and readers of all backgrounds.

What makes special Little, Brown is our staff and our authors. Everyone who works at Little, Brown is talented, hard-working and dedicated to doing the best possible job to bring our authors’ work to life for readers. We strive for excellence in all areas of what we do and we aim to be a truly diverse employer, with a workforce that reflects the world we live in. Our staff are passionately committed to making a difference: we have a Little, Brown equality group and an environmental and ethical committee, and we undertake a wide variety of charitable and social endeavours every year to give back to the community and help make the publishing industry more accessible. If you are interested in working for us, please visit the vacancies section of this website.

Ultimately, a publishing company is nothing without its authors. Little, Brown’s authors, many of whom we are lucky enough to have published for their entire careers, possess an amazing array of expertise and a wealth of talent. Explore this website and find out more about who they are and what they write – the worlds their words create are waiting to be discovered.

Charlie King, Managing Director, Little, Brown Book Group


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Literary fiction and non-fiction

Our Imprints - Abacus

In 2013 Abacus will celebrate forty years of publishing, with the reissue of 18 of our classic books with new introductions by the authors. They include a wonderfully diverse range of books - from Douglas Coupland's Generation X to Iain Banks' The Wasp Factory and from Tom Holland's Rubicon to Alexander McCall Smith's The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.
We make stories, not labels

Our Imprints - Atom

Atom is the young adult imprint of Little, Brown Book Group. Atom actively looks for exciting new voices from the UK and around the world, publishing fresh, engaged, brave contemporary writing. We strive to make books readers will want to share, and to do so with heart and humour.
Fiction and non-fiction in hardback

Our Imprints - Little, Brown

Little, Brown is a literary hardback imprint within the Little, Brown Book Group. We publish across a wide range of areas, including fiction, history, memoir, science and travel, but within this diverse list the vast majority of books have in common a strong narrative and a distinctive voice. Little, Brown publishes in hardback and ebook, with paperbacks that publish under our Abacus and Sphere imprints.
Science fiction and fantasy

Our Imprints - Orbit

Orbit is the SF and Fantasy imprint of Little, Brown Book Group. Launched in 1974, Orbit has a rich publishing history that includes many of the bestselling and most acclaimed writers in the field, including Iain M. Banks, Terry Brooks, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Orson Scott Card, David Gemmell, Robert Jordan and Tad Williams. Now one of the biggest genre imprints in the UK, with a dedicated editorial, marketing and publicity team sharing a passion for speculative fiction, Orbit is committed to broadening the audience for SF and Fantasy and finding the widest possible readerships for our authors. Our innovative publishing strategies have helped introduce many of the most popular and original new voices in genre fiction, including Paolo Bacigalupi, Jim Butcher, Trudi Canavan, Gail Carriger, Charlaine Harris, Karen Miller, K.J. Parker, Ian Tregillis and Brent Weeks.
Romance, paranormal romance, crime, thriller, non-fiction and much more.

Our Imprints - Piatkus

Piatkus publishes a unique range of fiction and non-fiction. Our lifestyle list covers the areas of health, mind, body and spirit, self-help, business, personal development and all the topics that interest people in their daily lives. Piatkus is also known for our wide variety of fiction, which includes romance, historical fiction, paranormal, supernatural and horror.
Commercial fiction and non-fiction

Our Imprints - Sphere

Sphere is home to some of the world's best-loved authors and books. One of the most dynamic and successful commercial imprints in the UK, Sphere aims to publish the highest-quality popular fiction and nonfiction, including thrillers, women's fiction, general fiction, and celebrity titles. Our books regularly hit the bestseller lists, and we have powered countless authors to household-name status. If you’re a lover of popular literature, chances are good you're reading a Sphere book right now.
The best of women's fiction and non-fiction

Our Imprints - Virago

Nearly forty years after its beginnings in 1973, Virago is the outstanding international publisher of books by women. The cultural, political and economic landscape has changed dramatically in the last four decades, but Virago has remained true to its original aims: to put women centre stage; to explore the untold stories of their lives and history; to break the silence around many women's experiences; to publish breathtaking new fiction, alongside a rich list of rediscovered classics; and above all to champion women's talent.