Orbit multiple author signing

Forbidden Planet, London

26 Oct 2012


A selection of Orbit's finest SF and fantasy authors will be signing their latest books at Forbidden Planet on Friday 26th October.  Join us at 6pm to meet...

Charles Stross - The Apocalypse Codex

Michael Cobley - The Ascendant Stars

Kate Griffin - Stray Souls

Benedict Jacka - Taken


The Apocalypse Codex

By Charles Stross
A smart and fast-paced supernatural spy thriller from the Laundry, the secret British government agency tasked with defending the realm from occult threats. Winner of the 2013 Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel.

Bob Howard used to fix computers for the Laundry - the branch of the British Secret Service that deals with otherworldly threats - but those days are over. He's not only been promoted to active service but actually survived missions against cultists, enemy spies and tentacled horrors from other dimensions. Willingly or not, he's on his way up in this dangerous organisation.

When a televangelist with connections to 10 Downing Street seems able to work miracles, the Laundry takes an interest. But an agency that answers to the Prime Minister can't spy on him themselves, and Bob's shadowy superiors come up with a compromise - they hire 'freelancers', with Bob in charge.

British citizens who discover the occult are either forcibly recruited by the Laundry or disposed of, and Bob's never heard of freelancers before. Officially they don't exist. Anyone who's big and bad enough to remain independent is going to be hard to handle, and Bob's not too sure that the one-week 'people management' course he was sent on in Milton Keynes is going to be enough . . .

Charles Stross was born in Leeds, England, in 1964. He has worked as a software engineer and freelance journalist but now writes science fiction and crime thrillers full-time. He can be found on twitter at @cstross or at his website www.antipope.org/charlie.Charles Stross has been nominated for the Hugo Award five years in a row - a new recordStross's Laundry books are MEN IN BLACK meets THE I.T. CROWD - spy-thriller-supernatural elements crossed with top class geek wisecracking!One of the most critically acclaimed new British SF writers of recent yearsStross gets great review coverage in the genre, technological and national press, and his blog has a large audience

Stray Souls

By Kate Griffin
The first book in a new urban magic series from the author of the Matthew Swift novels set in London's hidden otherworld

'Don't look back. It wants you to look back.'

London's soul has gone missing. Lost? Kidnapped? Murdered? Nobody knows - but when Sharon Li unexpectedly discovers she's a shaman, she is immediately called upon to use her newfound powers of oneness with the City to rescue it from a slow but inevitable demise.

The problem is, while everyone expects Sharon to have all the answers - from the Midnight Mayor to Sharon's magically-challenged self-help group - she doesn't have a clue where to start.

But with London's soul missing and the Gate open, there are creatures loose that won't wait for her to catch up before they go hunting.

STRAY SOULS is the first novel in the Magicals Anonymous series, set in the same fantastical London as the Matthew Swift novels.

Griffin's writing is as fluent and enjoyable as always, with a hint of humour that verges on Pratchett-esqueKate Griffin flawlessly balances horror and humour to . . . pull off a funny yet frightening read about the supernatural-induced demise of London . . . both unique and addictiveKate Griffin is the name under which Carnegie Medal-nominated author, Catherine Webb, writes fantasy novels for adults. An acclaimed author of young adult books under her own name, Catherine's amazing debut, MIRROR DREAMS, was written when she was only fourteen years old, and garnered comparisons with Terry Pratchett and Philip PullmanSusanna Clarke meets Neil Gaiman meets Jim ButcherThe first in a new series set in the same magical London as Kate Griffin's Matthew Swift seriesFor fans of Jim Butcher, Ben Aaronovitch and Benedict JackaKate Griffin has received excellent critical acclaim from both print and online mediaAn Orbit worldwide publication

The Ascendant Stars

A multi-layered, 21st century take on the classic tropes of space opera by a bold new voice in British science fictionDarien's future hangs in the balance as conflict rages across the planet's surface and, in the skies above, interstellar power politics has turned to war.

On one side lies the Construct AI and its millennia-long mission to protect sentient species. On the other is an army of twisted machine intelligences and its allies, whose goal is nothing less than the destruction or subversion of all organic life. They were caged in a hyperspace prison beneath Darien in a past age but now they are roaring to the surface, to freedom and an orgy of destruction which will rend the planets - starting with Darien.

Their allies circle above Darien and their armies are rising from below as an ancient battle is about to recommence. Machine vs human. Life or the sterile dusts of space.Michael Cobley was born in Leicester, England, but for most of his life has lived in or near Glasgow, Scotland. He has studied engineering, been a DJ and has cultivated an interest in regional politics.SEEDS OF EARTH was one of the biggest SF debuts of recent yearsEpic, galaxy-spanning space operaPerfect for fans of Iain M. Banks, Peter F. Hamilton and Kevin J. AndersonSpace opera has never been more popularClassic space opera tropes updated for a 21st century audience


By Benedict Jacka
Third book in a compelling new urban fantasy series set in Camden, featuring Alex Verus

Welcome to Fountain Reach

Ancient seat of the Aubuchon dynasty

Majestic setting of the White Stone tournament

Alex Verus's (not necessarily reliable) reputation attracts all sorts. Most are plain bonkers. Yet there's one invitation he just can't refuse.

At Fountain Reach, Alex is perfectly placed among the noted and notorious to figure out why apprentices have been vanishing. But the tournament is a minefield of ancient grudges and new threats, and Alex can't afford to miss a trick as his elusive adversary stays one step ahead in this most dangerous of games.

Benedict Jacka became a writer almost by accident, when at 19 he sat in his school library and began writing in the back of an exercise book. Since then he has worked for the civil service, studied philosophy at Cambridge and been a bouncer, but has always found the time to keep writing.Third book in a brilliant new British urban fantasy series for fans of Jim Butcher's Dresden FilesA courageous and wryly cynical lead character who can see the future and knows trouble is always just around the cornerSet in Camden, a place as charismatic and chaotic as the characters themselves