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Market-leading non-fiction

Market-leading, evidence-based Psychology, practical and inspiring How To Books, and a variety of other non-fiction ranging from cookery to popular science and from humour and puzzles to history, some of which is published in the form of Mammoths and Brief Histories or Guides. 

The ROBINSON PSYCHOLOGY list publishes the very best evidence-based titles by expert authors in the fields of self-help and popular psychology. Our self-help publishing includes the authoritative Overcoming series, edited by Peter Cooper, which provides guidance on using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to overcome a comprehensive range of emotional and psychological difficulties, and the bestselling illustrated title I Had a Black Dog, by Matthew Johnstone. Other titles cover a range of effective therapies from to Mindfulness to Compassion to ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). Our growing range of popular psychology books focuses on key new areas of research with clear self-help benefits, such as Carol Dweck’s phenomenal bestseller Mindset, or Tali Sharot’s award-winning The Optimism Bias.

HOW TO BOOKS offer practical, inspiring and very affordable guides to just about anything that anyone might want to do, from making soap to writing a dissertation, and from how to get ahead in business to how to catch bigger pike. The range is impressive, from cookery and gardening to management and entrepreneurial skills, from grow-your-own and self-sufficiency to property investment, and from do-it-yourself legal guides to creative writing. Each book is written by a genuine, hands-on expert in the field, to inspire as well as instruct.  

Recent ROBINSON cookery titles have included bestselling The Real Meal Revolution and Super Food for Superchildren from Professor Tim Noakes and chef Jonno Proudfoot; specialist medicinal cookery titles such as Howard Middleton’s Delicious Gluten-Free Baking and Robin Ellis’s Mediterranean Cooking for Diabetics and quirky love song to bacon The Bacon Jam Cookbook.

Popular science titles include Ten Physicists Who Transformed Our Understanding of Reality and Easy as Pi, while our history titles cover everything from The Curious History of Dating to Christ’s Samurai, about the Shimabara Rebellion, and No Milk Today, The Vanishing World of the Milkman.

We have published numerous Mammoth puzzle books with Britain’s ‘King of Puzzles’, Dr Gareth Moore, also shorter collections such as The Mindfulness Puzzle Book.

New Mammoths include The Mammoth Book of Superstition and The Mammoth Football Quiz Book, while recent Brief Histories have included books on the Amazons, the Battle of Agincourt and Atlantis, Plato’s ideal state.