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By Jamie Doward
Jamie Doward
The mutilated body of a senior banker is found on a remote Kent beach. Could the man's death be linked to the scandal engulfing his employer, a global investment bank created by the CIA to help it track terrorism financing? Kate Pendragon, a financial analyst seconded to MI5, discovers that the bank is close to collapse, something that threatens to bring down the CIA. Elsewhere, intelligence is gathered on an Islamic terrorist cell intent on triggering a nuclear catastrophe to rig the world's financial markets - rigged, it would appear, by the Americans. But will rogue agents in the CIA really allow the disaster to happen in order save their bank? Pendragon believes the intelligence community on both sides of the Atlantic could be falling for a sophisticated hoax. Only, no one is listening to her. And the clock is ticking...
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  • The Train Rider

    By Tony Cavanaugh
    Tony Cavanaugh
    As Victoria's top homicide investigator, Darian Richards spent years catching killers. But there was one man he couldn't catch, who drove him to the edge: the Train Rider.When someone began snatching girls, Darian swore to stop them. At first the criminal would keep them a week then give them back. Darian warned that wouldn't last - it didn't. From then on, their bodies were never found. Girls kept disappearing and all they had in common was the fact they'd last been seen on a train.The ever-increasing list of the vanished broke Darian, forcing him to walk away. Now, retired on the Gold Coast, the nightmares have finally stopped. But then three girls go missing from Queensland trains. Darian knows that the killer is playing him, that he has a choice to make. But when the decision means a girl will die, there is no choice. He has to stop this man once and for all.The third book in the Darian Richards series

    A Touch of Vengeance

    By Graeme Roe
    Graeme Roe
    An international thriller of intrigue set against the high stakes backdrop of National Hunt Racing.Three powerful men and a rich young South African woman set out to settle a long-standing grudge and take National Hunt Racing by storm. Each has different motives, but they combine to make a formidable team.Against a background of racing the reader is taken on a thrilling ride of intrigue that moves between the US, Ireland, Cotswolds high society and the ganglands of the East End.