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Houses of Civil War America

By Hugh Howard
Hugh Howard
Timed to coincide with the 150th anniversay of the Civil War and a fitting sequel to Houses of the Presidents, HOUSES OF CIVIL WAR AMERICA takes readers into the daily lives of the most important historical figures in the nation-defining conflict. From modest abolitionist homes to the plantations of the antebellum south. Howard and Straus bring the most intimate moments of the war to life. With insightful narrative and gorgeous photography, HOUSES OF CIVIL WAR AMERICA demonstrates - through these landmark homes - the nation we were and the nation we became.

How to Make Your Own Video Or Short Film

By Bob Harvey
Bob Harvey
New technologies now offer accessibility to the medium of video and film for virtually anyone who feels they have something to say. You might be: someone who wants to create a video to share online; someone who wants to record and document everyday events that happen around you; a charity worker wanting to highlight the plight of the less fortunate, or a journalist keen to use film to explore social issues; an artist or a writer eager to experiment within an an audio visual medium; anyone who wants to step into a world of discovery and challenge, and learn new skills along the way.This book offers an abundance of hints, tips and practical advice that will help emerging film-makers discover an exciting form of expression, either for personal satisfaction or to make their mark in a highly competitive industry. It includes: deciding what kind of film you want to make; choosing a camera; choosing your subject matter; dealing with copyright; using music to enhance your film; working with professional actors; researching information and avoiding location problems; production meetings; budgets; schedules; conducting interviews for documContents: Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. The Wonders of Choice; 2. The Film Legacy; 3. Deciding on an Approach; 4. A New Box of Tricks; 5. Evaluating Your Options; 6. Nothing Is What It Seems; 7. Mixing Your Ingredients; 8. Avoiding Unnecessary Complications; 9. Plan Ahead; 10. The Creative Framework; 11. Communication is Key; 12. Practical Magic; 13. In the Hot Seat; 14. On the Shoot; 15. The Mechanics of Editing; 16. Piecing the Jigsaw Together; 17. Reaching Your Audience; 18. New Frontiers; Further Reading; Index.


By Howard Schatz
Howard Schatz
Acclaimed photographer Howard Schatz broke new ground in the 1990s with his books Water Dance and Pool Light, two collections of luminous photographs of dancers, some clothed and some nude, all taken underwater. His underwater photography has been called uncanny, lithe, athletic, and mysterious, and has been widely imitated in art and advertising. The dancers seem to transcend time and space to become floating, ethereal objects. Schatz's new underwater photographs are shot in a state-of-the-art, custom-built pool fitted with studio lights and regulated for chemistry and temperature all year round. The results are stunning. His unique images - at once lyrical, fantastic, and palpably real - express the beauty of inspired movement magically free of the restrictions of gravity.