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Organising A Conference 3rd Edition

By Pauline Appleby
Pauline Appleby
Whether you are organising a conference or an event for a large or small company - for fundraising, promotion or for sharing information - this practical book explains step-by-step just how you go about it. It has all you need to know about: Venue selection; Speaker sourcing; Brochure design; Registration; Budgeting; Sponsorship; Audio-visuals; Press coverage; and Evaluation. This book shows you how to avoid the pitfalls and how to plan and run an effective event that will impress your colleagues as well as your customers.Contents: 1. What is a conference? 2. Choosing a venue 3. Sourcing speakers and setting the programme 4. The conference brochure 5. Working to a schedule 6. Setting up a registration system 7. Planning budgets and sponsorship 8. Assessing the audio visual requirements 9. Staging the event 10. Obtaining press coverage 11. Exhibitors and exhibitions The morning after