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Successful Property Letting, Revised and Updated

By David Lawrenson
David Lawrenson
FULLY REVISED AND UPDATED 2017 EDITIONThis comprehensively revised and expanded new edition of David Lawrenson`s bestselling book shows you how to buy the right property in the right location (including abroad), and how to maximise yield and capital gain - whatever the state of the market. It includes advice on:Getting the best possible deals from developers and private sellers, and at auctionsManaging issues such as tax, mortgages, credit rating, insurances, damp, flood risk, and letting agentsComplying and keeping up to date with all laws and regulationsAvoiding tenants from hellThis new edition reflects the current market as well as up-to-date information on mortgage availability, licensing and HHSRS regulations; the Green Deal re-launch; squatting laws; tenancy deposit schemes and immigration check requirements.'Stands out as a practical and extremely detailed guide for landlords . . . crammed full of tips.' National Landlords Association'Excellent guidance . . . a valuable contribution to the savvy landlord's bookshelf.' Lawrenson has more than thirty years' experience as a landlord, buy-to-let expert and property consultant. His consultancy service at provides independent advice for landlords and organisations that provide services to the private rented sector.
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Sword Art Online 3: Fairy Dance

By Reki Kawahara
Reki Kawahara
Kirito has escaped Sword Art Online, the forbidden VRMMORPG of death, and returned to reality. He heads off to find his game partner and lover, Asuna Yuuki. But Asuna never made it back from the nightmare. Lost and desperate, Kirito's only clue to her virtual whereabouts is a mysterious screenshot of Asuna as a fairy trapped in a giant birdcage. His conclusion: She must be trapped within the new, high-powered VRMMORPG, ALfheim Online. Now Kirito must plunge into the world of ALO, where players are fairies who fly gracefully through the air!

Smart Change

By Art Markman
Art Markman
Every day millions of people log onto Facebook to connect with friends. Each time we do this we are creating and reinforcing habits. We have routines for checking news from friends, looking up birthdays and family updates. When the interface of Facebook was changed in 2011 there was widespread condemnation. We are, in short, creatures of habit. Habits may help us to carry out our daily routine but they often cause us trouble, from unhealthy eating and smoking, to poor study skills and work routines. We've all experienced that endless frustration when we try to kick a bad habit. The frustration you have now will soon be over. Premier cognitive scientist Art Markman draws on all the latest scientific research to help you succeed in beating those bad habits. With the help of Smart Change, not only will you be able to understand just how habits are formed and maintained but you will be equipped with 5 essential tools to help you change your behaviour for the better and, what's more, influence the behaviour of others at work and at home.
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Setting Up and Running Effective Staff Appraisals, 7th Edition

By Nigel Hunt
Nigel Hunt
Regular staff reviews will help an organisation to be effective and efficient (and hence more profitable), and will help the individual employee gain more job satisfaction. A satisfied employee is going to work better; a more profitable company means a happier boss. It's that simple. This book is a thorough, comprehensive guide for anyone involved in staff reviews. It covers: *Conducting appraisals in an open organisation with a narrative focus *Appraisal skills - interview techniques and listening and counselling skills *Eight rules for successful negotiation *The role of job analysis, job description and person specification *Different types of appraisal *Preparing for the appraisal * Conducting the interview and evaluating the appraisal *What can go wrong and what to watch out for *Resolving conflict. Thoroughly revised and updated edition.

Start and Run a Business From Home 2nd Edition

By Paul Power
Paul Power
This book will show you how to turn your passion and enthusiasm into a viable commercial opportunity. It is packed full of practical, down-to-earth advice based on the author's own, and other successful entrepreneurs', experience. You'll discover how other people have started successful businesses with nothing else than a great idea, self-belief, and determination. Discover how you can easily: - Research your ideas. - Start your own business at home, from little or nothing. - Get funding for your new business. - Overcome your fears and sell anything to anyone. - Market your business on a shoestring. - Create your own successful niche business in a world dominated by multi-retailers. Paul Power's own successful philosophy is that if your ultimate dream is to run a global franchised network from home but all you can afford is a second hand laptop, then start with the laptop and work your way up. As the entrepreneurs featured in this book will testify, that's how many of today's successful businesses started.Contents: Preface; 1. So You Want to Start Your Own Business?; 2. Great Business Ideas Start at Home; 3. What's involved in Starting Your Business; 4. Research: The Doorway to Success; 5. Sales: The Beating Heart of Your Business; 6. The Essentials of Shoestring Marketing; 7. Deciding Where to Sell From; 8. Your Business on the World Wide Web; 9. Traditional Retailing; 10. The Mechanics of Starting Your Business; 11. Ten Great Businesses You Can Run from Home; Index
  • The Serrano Succession

    By Elizabeth Moon
    Elizabeth Moon
    CHANGE OF COMMAND: The Speaker of the Grand Council has been assassinated, and battle lines are quickly drawn. Factions include Families keen to control the new political order, and neighbouring states preparing to defend themselves. Even Fleet can no longer be depended on to keep the peace. Young Fleet officers Esmay and Barin want simply to marry. But Barin is a Serrano, the most influential of Fleet families, and Esmay is Landbride of the planet Altiplano. Their elders see only disaster in the match. And as Esmay and Barin struggle to reconcile their families, their very way of life is threatened.AGAINST THE ODDS: The worst has happened and Fleet is tearing itself apart. Some mutineers see injustice in the unequal spread of rejuvenation drugs offering virtual immortality to the rich; others are simply thirsty for power, or for blood. And when Esmay Suiza-Serrano is unceremoniously booted out of Fleet, the apparent victim of Family politics, she has no idea of the whirlwind of conflict that awaits ...
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    Starting and Running a Successful Gastro Pub or Brasserie

    By Carol Godsmark
    Carol Godsmark
    Gastropubs - Britain's very own version of the French bistro, brasserie or Spanish tapas bar - have grown into a vibrant and essential part of all that is good about British food, cooking, style and hospitality in the 21st century. The brasserie is also coming of age in Britain and differs from gastropub in style and type of food, the emphasis on more refined yet simple food and decor. Bridging the divide between the formality of the restaurant and a cafe, brasseries offer a more relaxed approach to eating out alongside the gastropub. But not a the expense of the food. This book is aimed at those who would like to get into the gastropub business for the first time, and at those already in the pub or restaurant business wishing to trade up.Contents: Preface; 1. What is a gastropub? What is a brasserie; 2. Gastropub or brasserie? 3. How do i get into the business?; 4. Your property; 5. Licensing laws and regulations; 6. Business finances; 7. Design and equipment for the kitchen and restaurant; 8. Running a safe business; 9. Marketing; 10. Staffing your business; 11. Menus and suppliers; 12. Stocking your bar: wines, beers and other drinks; 13. The day-to-day running of your restaurant; 14. Customer relations and being a customer; Index.

    The Sunborn

    By Gregory Benford
    Gregory Benford
    The first manned mission to Mars has been a resounding success, and excitement grows as more new discoveries are made. However, one discovery continues to defy rational explanation - the 'marsmat' - a complex anaerobic life-form found in the planet's honeycomb of tunnels.This raises questions about the nature and meaning of life itself which will lead the curious and the driven to Pluto and beyond, to the cold void at the fringes of the solar system.

    Setting Up & Running A Complementary Health Practice

    By Patricia Bishop
    Patricia Bishop
    Using this step-by-step guide on exactly what to do and think about, Bishop shows readers that setting up a complementary health practice is easier than they might think.Contents: Locating your practice; financing the practice; equipping the practice; insurance and legal requirements; money matters; keeping records; training and CPD; best of business practice; marketing your practice; future plans; looking after yourself; further help and advice.

    The Ship Who Won

    By Anne McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye
    Anne McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye
    Carialle was born so physically disadvantaged that her only chance for life was as a shell person. Like others before her, she decided to become a spaceship. With her brawn Keff, they search for intelligent beings. When they arrive on the planet Ozran, nothing is as it seems.
  • The Ships Of Earth

    By Orson Scott Card
    Orson Scott Card
    Above the planet Harmony, the computer Oversoul watches. But its systems are failing and the only hope of repair lies a thousand light-years away on the planet Earth, which was left forty million years ago ...Nafai and his family have been chosen to make the great journey home, but most of them do so grudgingly. Their anger and hatred will make the trek across the desert wastes to the long-abandoned spaceport both harder and more deadly.More information on this book and others can be found on the Orbit website at
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    The Ship Who Searched

    By Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey
    Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey
    A tale of courage and adventure, set in the same universe as The Ship Who Sang . A precocious seven-year-old girl has been afflicted by a paralyzing alien virus, and cannot survive outside a mechanical support system. She straps on a spaceship and sets out to find what it was that laid her low.