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The Rule Breaker's Book of Business

By Roger Mavity
Roger Mavity
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Relax Into Wealth

By Alan Cohen
Alan Cohen
In RELAX INTO WEALTH, Alan Cohen probes the intrinsic link between passion, authenticity, and prosperity-and discovers the unexpected truth: nothing pays like being yourself. The result of the modern, information age has been depersonalisation; as the success of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series has illustrated, readers are becoming more and more concerned about how to lead a spiritually meaningful life while living in a material world. Cohen brings contemporary principles of wealth to life through true stories of the successful people he has encountered; from renowned celebrities to Midas-touch entrepreneurs, bus-drivers to burgeoning artists. In this uniquely people-driven finance book, Cohen dispenses with cut-throat business techniques and focuses on the heart, faith and vision needed to overcome fear, peer pressure and limiting beliefs in order to be successful. The book's stories, principles, ideas and exercises will help readers to see what is uniquely valuable in themselves and use inner talent as a springboard to riches.