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By Evan Davis
Evan Davis
'A Malcolm Gladwell-style social psychology/behavioural economics primer' Evening StandardLow-level dishonesty is rife everywhere, in the form of exaggeration, selective use of facts, economy with the truth, careful drafting - from Trump and the Brexit debate to companies that tell us 'your call is important to us'. How did we get to a place where bullshit is not just rife but apparently so effective that it's become the communications strategy of our times? This brilliantly insightful book steps inside the panoply of deception employed in all walks of life and assesses how it has come to this. It sets out the surprising logic which explains why bullshit is both pervasive and persistent. Why are company annual reports often nonsense? Why should you not trust estate agents? And above all, why has political campaigning become the art of stretching the truth? Drawing on behavioural science, economics, psychology and of course his knowledge of the media, Evan ends by providing readers with a tool-kit to handle the kinds of deceptions we encounter every day, and charts a route through the muddy waters of the post-truth age.
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The Pleasantries of Krishnamurphy

By Gabriel Rosenstock
Gabriel Rosenstock
The Pleasantries of Krishnamurphy: Revelations from an Irish Ashram combines humour, fantasy and the wellsprings of spiritual traditions, East and West. There is a distinct Sufi flavour to The Pleasantries, with the earthy wisdom and humour of Nasroodeen (that wise fool and foolish wise man), and all the refined and airy wit that those who know and love Ireland and the Irish will recognise.A rich, humorous and wise miscellany of stories and verse by the distinguished Irish author, Gabriel Rosenstock. Welcome to the quixotic world of Krishnamurphy and the fundamental tenets of Spiritual Anarchy. A sage? A maverick? A complete idiot? Is he fooling his followers or are they awakening, one by one, to the deepest mysteries of life and the core of their own being? And what is the roles of the Ashram Cook in all of this? Discover his unique Nothing Soup. It is not called Nothing Soup for nothing!Enter this Irish ashram-at your own peril-and judge for yourself. Wit or wisdom? Divine humor? Many have gone mad finding out. You're next!

Parenting Your Stressed Child

By Michelle Bailey
Michelle Bailey
Childhood is one of the most stressful periods in life as children have limited emotional resources for managing their feelings in times of stress.Parenting Your Stressed Child helps parents, teachers, and school counselors identify signs of stress in their children and teach them simple mindfulness skills for staying resilient and calm in the face of stress, including breath awareness exercises, mindful movement, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, loving-kindness, and counting your blessings. Teachers and school counselors will find that these skills help kids focus on their schoolwork and stay calm when they feel distressed. Parents can practice modeling these skills and incorporate them into their own lives in order to improve their children's ability to tolerate stress, both learning and teaching the art of resilience, a character trait that will stay with both parents and children for a lifetime.

Portrait Of Charlotte

By Jessica Blair
Jessica Blair
Struggling artist Richard is persuaded by his benefactor to leave his home town for the grand salons of London. He is encouraged to paint the beautiful Charlotte's portrait, and in doing so, the couple begin to fall in love. But Charlotte is married to an older man, who cares for her deeply. How can she reconcile her passion for Richard with her loyalty to her husband?In an attempt to forget her, Richard returns home to Whitby. But when unexpected events force the Lincolnshire countryside and the London art world to become entangled, Richard and Charlotte's worlds are forced to collide once more . . .
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Prepare To Sell Your Company

By L.B. Buckingham
L.B. Buckingham
Selling your company is a trying time, similar to selling your house. For those unfamiliar with this process, the challenging thoughts will be: 'How do I start?'; 'Who can help me?'; 'How much can I get for the business?'; 'Who is most likely to buy it, and where do I find them?'; 'When should I do it?' This book will answer all your questions. Easy to read, it covers all the practical aspects of preparing your business for sale. It will show you just how a potential acquirer will view a company that is up for sale. This will enable you to: - develop a business profile that will attract buyers - and maintain their interest until completion - build into the business those aspects that will encourage a buyer to increase their bid. This book will take you through the sale process: preparation, marketing, acceptance of offer, the 'due diligence examination' (the vendor's nightmare), successful completion, and beyond. - What you need to do when selling your company - Setting your desired exit package - Constructing an exit strategy that works for you - Introducing a corporate structure to make sale easier - Organising company finances and tax liabilities in preparation - Matching results to budgets - Identifying your company's intellectual assets - Telling staff about the company sale - Pre-sale and post-completion activitiesContents: Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Early considerations; 2. Major factors that influence exit; 3. Construct an exit strategy; 4. Adopt a corporate constitution; 5. Introduce a management structure into your business; 6. Organisation of your company's finances; 7. Construct the company growth by sales and marketing; 8. Recognise and secure your intellectual property and assets; 9. Business activities, logistics and supply chain management; 10. Commercial matters; 11. Employee matters; 12. Information technology; 13. Reputation; 14. Your pre-sale period; 15. The company sale process; 16. Introducing due diligence; 17. Completion day; 18. Post completion; Appendix; Glossary; Index.
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The Path To Freedom

By The Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama
FREEDOM IN EXILE - Here, in his own words, The Dalai Lama describes what it was like to grow up revered as a deity among his people, reveals his innermost feelings about his role, and discusses the mysteries of Tibetan Buddhism. He tells of secret deals struck with the CIA as Tibet continued to struggle for independence, talks freely of the many world leaders he has known, and talks of the West's malaise from his standpoint as a spirtual and temporal figure of world reknown.ANCIENT WISDOM, MODERN WORLD - With wit, gentle good sense and with penetrating insight, the Dalai Lama shows how the truths that have stood the test of generations of practise can provide us with the tools to live happy, fulfilled and meaningful lives. In the process, it becomes apparent that he does not merely espouse the 'feelgood' religiosity some accuse him of. The reader is left admiring not just the wisdom of the author, but the wisdom of the culture he represents. In ANCIENT WISDOM, MODERN WORLD, His Holiness the Dalai Lama addresses these issues, in a spiritual complement to his autobiography FREEDOM IN EXILE.

People Like Us

By Charles Jennings
Charles Jennings
Royal Ascot, Henley Regatta, polo at Cowdray Park, public schools, pheasant shooting - it's a wonderful life, being a member of the English aristocracy. But what is it like to live this wonderful life? And what does it feel like to be a regulation-issue, middle-class person, thrust into the centre of this mob and forced to survive? This is the position in which Charles Jennings found himself, in PEOPLE LIKE US: the suburban outsider trying to make sense of the closed, privileged, self-indulgent world of being born and raised to another way of life. From the great social functions of the Season, to private parties in Kensington, to almost anything to do with horses, PEOPLE LIKE US is fascinating, appalling, argumentative, mocking, envious and wickedly funny. You could call it invitation-only anthropology....