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  • Patricia Highsmith: The Complete Short Stories

    By Patricia Highsmith
    Patricia Highsmith
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  • Purposes of Love

    By Mary Renault
    Mary Renault
    Vivian, a student nurse, chose her profession as a challenge, both to her spirit and to her permanently exhausted body; Mic immerses himself in his work at the hospital to ward off the emotional wounds of an unhappy childhood. Through Jan, Viv's beloved older brother, they meet, and their friendship turns into a secret romance. Secret because, if discovered, it would cost them their jobs.Despite the discipline and rigid hierarchy imposed by the hospital, their passion takes root, but between them hangs the tantalising and enigmatic shadow of Jan.
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  • Pomfret Towers

    By Angela Thirkell
    Angela Thirkell
    Pomfret Towers, Barsetshire seat of the earls of Pomfret, was constructed, with great pomp and want of concern for creature comforts, in the once-fashionable style of Sir Gilbert Scott's St Pancras station. It makes a grand setting for a house party at which gamine Alice Barton and her brother Guy are honoured guests, mixing with the headstrong Rivers family, the tally-ho Wicklows and, most charming of all, Giles Foster, nephew and heir of the present Lord Pomfret. But whose hand will Mr Foster seek in marriage, and who will win Alice's tender heart? Angela Thirkell's classic 1930s comedy is lively, witty and deliciously diverting.
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  • The Professor's House

    By Willa Cather
    Willa Cather
    On the eve of his move to a new, more desirable residence, Professor Godfrey St Peter finds himself in the shabby study of his former home. Surrounded by the comforting, familiar sights of his past, he surveys his life and the people he has loved: his wife Lillian, his daughters and, above all, Tom Outland, his most outstanding student and once, his son-in-law to be. Enigmatic and courageous - and a tragic victim of the Great War - Tom has remained a source of inspiration to the professor. But he has also left behind him a troubling legacy which has brought betrayal and fracture to the women he loves most . . .
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  • Phoebe Junior

    By Margaret Oliphant
    Margaret Oliphant
    This is the fifth and final volume of Mrs Oliphant's saga of English provincial life. We return to the country town of Carlingford where the arrival of Phoebe Junior sets tongues wagging. Mrs Oliphant also wrote "Salem Chapel", "The Doctor's Family", "The Perpetual Curate" and "Miss Marjoribanks".
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  • Provincial Daughter

    By R.M. Dashwood, Gordon Davies
    R.M. Dashwood
    Illustrated by:
    Gordon Davies
    Tuesday, 23rd'Late nights do not suit me. Try to think I look interestingly haggard but have to admit that Unkempt Blowsiness is fitter description'Way before that city slicker, Bridget Jones, there was the Provincial Daughter -- an intelligent woman juggling too little money with too many kids in rural obscurity. In between taking deliveries of coal and attending ghastly provincial parties, our heroine makes tentative forays into the bright lights of London, seeking literary fame and fortune.
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  • Pirates At Play

    By Violet Trefusis
    Violet Trefusis
    Set in the frenetic, fantastical Twenties, this romantic comedy begins as young Elizabeth Caracole (pronounced 'Crackle') is sent by her aristocratic parents to be finished in Florence with the family of a Papal count - and Papal dentist. There are no less than five sons, as well as the beautiful ambitious Vica, who has plans of her own. As does formidable old Principessa Arrivumale - for her nephew, Gian Galeazzo. The arrival of two Elgnlishmen sets in motion and intricate emotional dance which weaves around Italy and England, and includes a vivid and splendid cast of supporting characters.
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