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Confessions Of A Failed Southern Lady

By Florence King

  • Paperback
  • £9.99

* A side-splitting story of growing up different in the Old South.

Granny worked so hard at my rearing. She was a frustrated ladysmith and I was her last chance. . . This is the story of my years on her anvil. Whether she succeeded in making a lady out of me is for you to decide, but I will say one thing in my own favour before we begin. No matter which sex I went to bed with, I never smoked on the street.'

When Florence King was born, her Granny, a would-be Virginia grande dame, moved in. 'Anybody could have a family,' writes Miss King. 'She wanted a race all to herself.' Granny's dream of raising the perfect Southern belle failed dismally with her own daughter, a chain-smoking, baseball-playing tomboy given to wild expletives. Florence is Granny's last hope . . .

Biographical Notes

Florence King was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Virginia.

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  • ISBN: 9781844081288
  • Publication date: 01 Jun 2006
  • Page count: 288
Ought to be printed with a mechanism for turning down the volume of the reader . . . Outrageous and laugh-out-loud funny — Sandi Toksvig
I've never read so many perfect one-liners . . . This book is dynamite. Don't miss it — Jeanette Winterson
Gerald Durrell — 'One of the funniest writers around'

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Little Brown Book Group

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Somewhere in cyberland a random group of teens reach a decision. Disillusioned by what few options their futures seem to hold, and desperate to avoid joining the slog of mortgage-owning worker drones, they resolve to cut and run. To leave it all behind and find another way of living. But their destination isn't a far off island, or some city's streets. It is the remote wilds of Scotland and a forgotten forest where nature remains master of all. In those untamed woods the teens will uncover ancient wisdoms, and the last descendent of a breed of human from ages past. They will also come to realise that modern living has in no way equipped them to deal with even the basics of life in the wilderness. The Forgotten Forest is a story of belonging, of learning to deal with life. It's both a comic and serious look at what it takes to survive and, indeed, whether it's really worth the bother!

11 Jul
Droridge Farm, Dartington, Totnes, Devon

Sandi Toksvig - Ways with Words

Sandi Toksvig - Ways with Words.

12 Apr

Sandi Toksvig at Glasgow Book Festival

22 Feb
Newham Books, London

Sandi Toksvig event

Sandi Toksvig at Newham Bookshop

06 Mar
New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

Sandi Toksvig event

Sandi Toksvig event at the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth

07 Mar
Essex Book Festival

Sandi Toksvig event

Sandi Toksvig at the Essex Book Festival

10 Nov
Grand Opera House, Belfast

Sandi Toksvig performing My Valentine at the Grand Opera House, Belfast

Sandi Toksvig at Grand Opera House, Belfast

25 Oct
Guildford, G Live

Sandi Toksvig will be performing My Valentine at Guildford, G Live

Sandi Toksvig will be performing My Valentine at Guildford, G Live