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A Bride's Story, Vol. 4

By Kaoru Mori

  • Hardback
  • £12.99

Beautifully-illustrated tales of young brides along the Silk Road in 19th-Century Asia

As he journeys to India, Mr. Smith is snapped out of his melancholic reverie by a tumble from his camel into a river and by the pair of identical twin girls who dive in to pull him out. Leili and Laila have reached marrying age, but their minds are more on mischief than romance. Meanwhile, back in the Eihons' village, Pariya has finally caught the interest of a suitor. But now that the moment has finally arrived, will Pariya's outspoken personality draw him in or drive him away?

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  • ISBN: 9780316232036
  • Publication date: 24 Jan 2013
  • Page count: 192
Yen Press

A Bride's Story, Vol. 5

Kaoru Mori

Acclaimed creator Kaoru Mori's tale of life on the nineteenth-century Silk Road turns westward, following Englishman Mr. Smith on his long journey to Ankara. Passing through a fishing village along the Aral Sea, Smith and his guide encounter a pair of spirited young girls named Laila and Leily-identical twins who are fishing not for sturgeon, but for husbands! Despite their efforts to find two wealthy, healthy, and handsome brothers to wed, Laila and Leily's plans generally only land them in loads of trouble!

Yen Press

A Bride's Story: Vol 3

Kaoru Mori

Mr Smith leaves the Eihon family to continue his research in a distant town. There, he meets a young widow named Tarasu who offers to let the Englishman stay with her small family. But Smith is not met with the same hospitality he enjoyed at the Eihons' home, and the suspiciouns of Tarasu's uncle soon land Smith in prison. Far from his friends and even farther from home, Smith's outlook seems grim...

Yen Press

Hero Tales: Vol 4

Huang Jin Zhou, Hiromu Arakawa

With Ryuukou's betrayal still weighing heavily on Taitou's heart, he returns to his hometown of Taizan, only to discover that the Imperial Army has beaten him there! At his father's graveside, he finds Laila in tears. She has learned that Taitou is not her true brother, that his star Hagun is the cause of both her parents' deaths, and she is ready for revenge.Meanwhile, back in the capital, Keirou is making his move for power. Now that the emperor has asked Keirou's daughter to be his bride, Keirou is in a position as a member of the royal family to seize power from the weak emperor and purge the Ken Empire of those he views as inferior. But as Taitou's team suffers loss after loss, will he be able to defeat Keirou in battle?

Yen Press

A Bride's Story, Vol. 6

Kaoru Mori

In the year since his marriage, Karluk has grown a good deal, but Amir can't help but feel overprotective of her much younger husband. Karluk wants nothing more than to prove that he can be a strong and competent man - and he may soon have the opportunity to prove just that. Desperate for land to feed their flocks, Amir's former tribe prepares to attack the village with a fearsome arsenal of cannons and guns provided by their new allies. This time the Halgals are not interested in capturing Amir - no one is safe from their terrible assault!

by Christine Feehan

Dark Storm: Chapter One

To celebrate publication of Dark Storm, we're offering you a sneak preview from the first chapter. And if you like the Dark Carpathian series, you'll love Christine Feehan's new novels Lair of the Lion and Dark Nights, available now in paperback.

Yen Press

Thermae Romae, Vol. 1

When Roman architect Lucius is criticized for his "outdated" thermae designs, he retreats to the local bath to collect his thoughts. All Lucius wants is to recapture the Rome of earlier days, when one could enjoy a relaxing bath without the pressure of merchants and roughhousing patrons. Slipping deeper into the warm water, Lucius is suddenly caught in the suction and dragged through the drainage at the bottom of the bath! He emerges coughing and sputtering amid a group of strange-looking foreigners with the most peculiar bathhouse customs...over 1,500 years in the future in modern-day Japan! His contemporaries wanted him to modernize, and so, borrowing the customs of these mysterious bath-loving people, Lucius opens what quickly becomes the most popular new bathhouse in Rome-Thermae Romae!

Yen Press

Soul Eater, Vol. 22

Yen Press

Sumomomo, Momomo: Vol 2

Shinobu Ohtaka

Another day, another assassin: Iroha Miyamoto, age 15, of the Twelve Heavenly Generals. Her dangerous advances (in more ways than one) will soon imperil Koushi Inuzuka! Meanwhile, our strongest bride on earth, Momoko Kuzuryuu, finally unleashes her true power in service to her husband, but . . . will it be enough? Volume 2 of the strongest, most fanatical manga on Earth!!

Yen Press

Hero Tales: Vol 1

Huang Jin Zhou

A young boy named Taitou finally completes his coming of age ceremony and is given the sword Kenkaranbu as a gift. It is described as the Champion's sword, which can only be drawn by a true hero. As the frustrated Taitou struggles to draw the sword, a mysterious thief appears, demanding the sword and citing the legend of the Hokushin Tenkun: There are seven heroes on earth, each one the avatar of one of the stars of the Big Dipper. Two of the stars are destined to fight and bring the world into chaos: Tonrou and Hagun. And Taitou, he says, is the avatar of Hagun. Taitou stands his ground, but during the fight, Shimei awakens the long-dormant power within the young boy and Taitou loses control. Shimei manages to escape with the sword. That night, Taitou, his sister Laila, and Ryuukou (a wandering priest) leave on a journey to get the sword back.

Yen Press

Soul Eater: Vol 4

This volume starts off with an immortal Wolf-Man with a demon eye being broken out of the witch jail by Medusa. It is the start of an experiment to test Maka and Soul. Meanwhile, Maka asks Dr. Stein for special training so she can become strong. He agrees, but tells her it is very dangerous - She and Soul could end up never being able to get their soul wavelengths to match up ever again. Maka decides to do it anyway. She and Soul argue over it. Maka wins out, and they go to London (along with Black Star and Tsubaki) for the assignment. There she fights the Wolf-Man, and the worst happens - She and Soul lose their compatibility. Maka can't even hold Soul any more. But through sheer determination, she and Soul manage to resonate again. Medusa watches the whole thing, observing the effect of the 'black blood' in Soul and Maka.

Yen Press

Higurashi When They Cry: Massacre Arc, Vol. 3


Watching the people of Hinamizawa rally together to liberate her friend Satoko - once shunned by the village, now defended by it - gave Rika hope that she too could defy fate and curb her tragic demise. But when the bodies of Takano and Tomitake are discovered, Rika begins to see that chance slipping away. Not knowing who to trust, but not wanting to put anyone else in danger, Rika pulls away from her friends. But as her experiences in this world continue to diverge from the norm, Rika clings to the hope that the events that lead to her murder might also change. She has the will to change her destiny, but will that be enough to defeat whoever - or whatever - wants her dead?

Yen Press

Durarara!!: Vol. 2

Yen Press

Nabari No Ou: Vol 6

Yuhki Kamatani

Now that Miharu has joined the Grey Wolves, he's already been given his first mission. The Koga have asked for Grey Wolf students to join them in a meaningful discussion about the future of the Nabari Hidden World. The Grey Wolves see it as an opportunity to try to get the Koga's forbidden art scroll, Daya. They are told that it's actually a drug not a technique - a cure-all that could potentially stop Kira from killing Yoite or remove the secret art from Miharu's body. On their way to the mission, Raikou's lands Yukimi's car in the river and a Koga shinobi, comes to take them to Alya Academy. On arrival they find out that the Koga shinobi are in conflict. The student council and the headmaster have learned that two students have died and they don't believe the teachers who say the deaths were accidents. They also learn that the Banten shinobi have been invited. When Thobari and Kouichi learn that Miharu has joined the Grey Wolves, they decide to ask him why and, if he's really turned against them, they are determined not to forgive him. Before they can talk any more, the guestsi are all attacked by Koga ninja.....

Yen Press

Until Death Do Us Part, Vol. 5

Hiroshi Takashige

Caught in Wiseman's trap, besieged on all sides by snipers and drug-crazed attackers, Mamoru is saved only by the arrival of Haruka and a stroke of good fortune. Frustrated by his own helplessness, Mamoru abandons the Element Network to further hone his skills. He can't rely on luck alone if he wants to survive his next encounter with Wiseman...

by Amanda Carlson

Full Blooded

Read the first chapter of Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson, the start of an exceptionally fast-paced and irresistibly sexy new urban fantasy trilogy!

Yen Press

Zombie-Loan: Vol 13

Yen Press

Black Butler, Vol. 14

Yana Toboso

The veil of mystery lying over the Aurora Society and its Absolute Salvation is torn asunder when the true mastermind behind the horrors that have sealed the fate of the Campania is revealed. Caught in the middle of a battle between reaper and butler, Earl Ciel Phantomhive looks on as Sebastian, his infallible manservant, is struck down by the death scythe of an unexpected combatant. Even a devil cannot escape the edge of a grim reaper's scythe, it seems. As Sebastian's cinematic record spills forth, the tale of how a devil became a butler to a little lost lord is woven in shades of sepia, blood, and ash . . .

Yen Press

Until Death Do Us Part, Vol. 6

Yen Press

Jack Frost: Vol 8

JinHo Ko

Her father killed before her eyes, Noh-A flies into a rage, unleashing her true power as the mirror image. Can her father's words have meant what she suspects? Was Jack Frost responsible for her father's grisly demise in the human world? As Jack squares off against the vengeful mirror image, the truth of Noh-A's father's past and his relationship with the former mirror image is revealed...whether Noh-A is prepared to face it or not!

Yen Press

Jack Frost, Vol 10

Noh-A's awakening as the mirror image has granted her a more complete understanding of the events that led to her birth and what has happened since. The origins of Amityville are revealed to her, as is the threat of Solomon. The immense surge of power that accompanied Noh-A's transformation has aided Solomon's release from his prison, and the Witch King is headed to the North for a long-awaited-and long-dreaded-reunion with Helmina and Jack...!!