The Collector of Lost Things - Fish In The Deep

Fish from the deep

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"Suddenly we heard a sharp fizzing sound as a shoal of fish broke the surface in front of the boat. An instant later, a rising tunnel of water arrowed towards us and a dolphin emerged just a few feet beyond the oars, breaching entirely from the sea with a smooth glistening arch of its back.

It hung suspended in the air long enough for its tail to twist, like a weathervane swinging, before it dived back into the water. The dorsal fin of a second dolphin appeared in almost the exact spot where the first had jumped, this one scything the water in a sharp turn as the shoal of fish were harried against the surface. The fizzing returned, like a wave breaking on shingle, as the two dolphins hunted as a team, running through the shoal, dividing it in two. We watched, in awe, as each dolphin sped beneath, the bulk of their bodies enough to lift us as they passed. They used our boat as part of their strategy, utilising its shape and presence to corral the fish, both of them angling their heads to regard us. Joyously they leapt in front of the boat and cut like knives through the water, while the vibrations of their enigmatic clicking resonated through the boards. We sat, rocking in our seats, enjoying the marvels of the spectacle. A fish jumped clear into the thwarts, landing on the wood with panic, thrashing and flicking its flanks until one of the men threw it back in. More fish leapt against the side of the boat and dropped back in a daze.

When the hunt calmed down, the dolphins raised their heads from the water, as if receiving applause. They nodded and lifted their beaks, clucking and singing with curiosity. Then, almost as quickly as they had appeared, the dolphins submerged and vanished."


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